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My approach to Leadership Consulting is dependent on your needs. We'll take a look at your stickiest issues and come up with solutions.  My goal is for you to save time, get results, and improve communication & relationships with staff. At this time, all services are a-la-carte and agreed upon on a case by case basis.  Please schedule a no-obligation discovery call to discuss your needs, whether it be an ad-hoc project, training, or a specific sticky issue.  Because all services are personalized, you will be invoiced via e-mail on the agreed upon price.


One-on-One Consulting

Have a problem? Let's tackle it! I have a variety of resources, tools, and experience to help create solutions to a variety of leadership issues. If you need a resource, spreadsheet, tracker, document, or anything else created, I can help.  My technical skills are superb, I never miss the small details, and my strengths are in creating tools to make your job easier!


DEI Consulting

Let's chat about whether your diversity practices are equitable and inclusive, including how you measure this important aspect of leadership.  I can offer diversity training for staff and leaders, as well as diversity audits and policy creation.


New Leader Training

If you are a new leader and aren't sure where to start, let's talk.  I can support you with understanding your role, expectations, outcomes, and building a good relationship with your team.  Have guidance while adjusting to a new position is a sure way to increase confidence and success.  


Group Workshops & Training

If you would like to provide training or a workshop to a group I'm your gal! Topics are endless - communication, documentation, team building, time management, etc. I can use an existing training or create a new one just for your needs.

Not ready to commit yet? Let's stay in touch

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