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My vision is to empower equity deserving groups to break free from any limitations placed by society.   I want you to grow into leadership roles, be better leaders, live the life you've always dreamed of, and eliminate barriers while doing it.  I want you to transform your life and unapologetically live your true authentic self.

One-on-one coaching

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Solution-focused Coaching for the person who wants to break free.

Group Coaching

Speaking + presenting

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Presentations tailored to your needs with a leadership & inclusion lens.

Coming Soon!


When we work together, you can be assured that you will receive support with the following:

client focus

Personalized non-judgmental support that is sensitive to your culture, needs, experience, and values

goal & action orientation

We'll focus on solutions & growth after developing clear agreements 

trust & connection

Always confidential, abides by ICF Code of Ethics, in a safe environment with mutual respect


I'll be present, curious, and open minded through active listening

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