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Professional Coach + Speaker

Hello & welcome. I'm so glad you're here! My name is Samantha, my  pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am a Professional Coach and Speaker. 

I am passionate about a lot.  These days I'm especially focused on inclusion, leadership, and authenticity.  I want to see more inclusive and belonging spaces/workplaces, an increase in equity deserving groups (Women, racialized, LGBTQ2S+, and disabled people) in leadership roles, and work environments where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. 

As a woman, a mom, and a person living with a mental health disability & OCD I understand how overwhelming life can get.  I've felt and overcome the pain of feeling like I'm not living up to my potential and being held back.  I want to see you reach your full potential and break free from the limitations placed upon us by society. 

I became interested in leadership about 7 years ago when I was working front-line in a non-profit as a Career Specialist.  I felt like I wasn't living up to my potential, even though I didn't have any formal qualifications to work my way up to a leadership role. A vacancy came up, so I applied.  I didn't get it. I wasn't qualified. But showing an interest in growth caught the attention of my superiors.  I was later appointed a team lead position, then a Coordinator position, and now I am a Manager.  What my staff say about me as a leader: I'm inclusive, I listen to everyone, I'm fair, I think outside the box, and always have my staff's back. In other words, my style is servant leadership. 

When I think of leadership, I think of things like effective communication, building relationships, boundaries, using your voice, and so much more beyond just careers & work.  During our Coaching sessions, we will always work together towards achieving YOUR goals, even if they aren't leadership, career, or work focused; I just happen to be obsessed with leadership 🤷‍♀️. 

I have worked for over 14 years as a Coach, as well as over 5 years as a Leadership professional, so I understand the importance and impact of having effective leadership.   My experience includes working with folks in all stages of their careers & those with complex barriers, always providing personalized, action-oriented, and forward focused Coaching. 

I know what you're thinking - "what does this white woman know about diversity?" 

Look, I get it. Sure, I was born and Canada and I'm white.  I use my privilege to amplify other voices and dismantle oppression.  I hold other white people accountable.  I believe in the beauty of diversity and learning from each other.  My husband is an immigrant from Africa and I have biracial children. While that doesn't give me a pass in any form, it gives me a personal connection to diversity. Plus, I am a woman and I have a mental health disability & OCD.  I am a proud ally and use my voice to advocate for others and create better opportunities & workplaces for everyone, with a focus on equity seeking groups. We can't leave advocacy up to only the people experiencing the oppression.


I am non-judgmental, confidential, safe, inclusive, and solution focused.  Please send me an e-mail to discuss sliding scale options. Sponsorship opportunities coming soon!



On a more personal side of things, I have two wonderful children (not including my rescue dog Sonny), am married to my dreamy husband, and have about 50 houseplants that are my friends.  I love hiking, travelling, hanging out with my family & friends, and sleeping in whenever possible.  

-Coach Sam.png

Academic Qualifications:

  • Erickson International, Diploma in Solution-Focused Coaching, the Art & Science of Coaching (ongoing)

  • Conestoga College, Post-graduate Diploma, Career Development Practitioner

  • University of Waterloo, BA, English & Human Resources Management

  • Professional Development courses:

    • Psychological Safety Master Certificate

    • Mental Health First Aid

    • Crisis Intervention

    • Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity in the Workplace

    • Advanced Motivational Interviewing

    • Many others! 

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