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Coaching is client-led, solution focused support.  Coaching involves evoking awareness, working towards achieving goals,  and maximizing potential.  

Coaching is typically offered virtually, so I can work with you wherever you are in the world!


In Coaching....

You are in the driver's seat

We will focus on what you want to focus on.  I will always give you agency, respect your goals, and honour your culture, background, and values

You create the solutions

Through powerful questioning and various Coaching tools/activities, you will be the one creating solutions.  In Coaching, I won't tell you what to do.

You'll transform your life

You'll achieve things you never thought were possible. You'll build confidence, self-awareness, accountability,  and motivation. 

What to Expect

Before we begin our Coaching relationship, we will meet via phone or Zoom to conduct a one-on-one discovery call.  During this conversation, we will discuss your goals & expectations, give you the chance to ask me any questions, and give us the opportunity to determine if we are a good fit. 

Once we have decided to work together, you'll purchase a Coaching package depending on your needs and I will send over the contract that outlines our agreement. 

Each one of our meetings will start by setting out a topic for the session. We will look at how we can move forward towards solutions through a variety of Coaching techniques and activities.


Our partnership will include long term sustainable support through WhatsApp, text, phone, or e-mail (depending on your preference).

Not ready to commit yet? Let's stay in touch

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