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How Coaching can Take Your Life from Meh to Magnificent

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

When was the last time you truly reflected on how satisfied you are with your life? I know first-hand how it feels to think life is good... there aren't really too many things to complain about.... but it just doesn't feel like it's as satisfying and fulfilling as it could.

For the most part, you have everything you need, but still feel like something is missing. You know other people have it worse than you do, so you feel bad thinking this way. But you still have that nagging feeling that your life could be incredible. Sound familiar? Let’s look at how working with a Coach can really leverage your satisfaction and take your life from average to amazing.

First, let’s look at what Coaching is. It is a solution-focused partnership whereby your Coach takes you through a series of thought-provoking perspective shifts that will surely bring action to fix those pain points. Your Coach brings a lot to this relationship – accountability, growth, the ability to find comfort in the uncomfortable and a safe space to reflect, learn, and grow. With a Coach, you’ll reconnect with your values, your identity, your goals, and your incredibly fulfilling future.

Set the Focus

If your life is already fine and you’re going through the motions, you may question what impact a Coach can make. Here’s how a Coach can impart significant shifts. First, your Coach will consistently give you the lead – you’ll always talk about whatever it is that you want to explore. For those who aren’t sure where to start, I often do an activity called a Balance Wheel, which explores different aspects of your life, and after you rate your satisfaction in each area, you’ll set a foundation to then start exploring the impact improving these areas would have on your life. This means support is holistic and ecological, which explores the ways the various parts of your life impact each other.


Identifying areas of focus allows you and your Coach to start the process of establishing goals. As a Coach, I want to be sure your goals are:

  • Realistic: let’s not set you up for failure by creating unrealistic goals

  • Ecological: your outcome should fit in with all areas of your life

  • Positive: I want to see you increase or gain something positive rather than decrease or lose something negative

  • Measurable: there must be a way to measure your progress and successes in order to keep you accountable and on track

Imagine going through the process and gaining this clarity. Going from feeling mundane and fuzzy to having an actual plan can be very inspiring and exciting!


Now let’s move on to another way a Coach can support this transformation, which is through visualization. If you have not had the opportunity to go through a visualization exercise with a Coach, I highly recommend it.

For this purpose, there are two types of visualization:

  1. The first is when you look at yourself living your dream life, or whatever you want to envision, as if you’re watching yourself in a movie. It’s pretty incredible being able to see your dream come to life. You’re watching yourself walk with confidence. This is particularly helpful for things like increasing the enjoyment of public speaking. When you visualize yourself confidently presenting, you can see that it is possible and not too far away from reality.

  2. The second type is when you visualize yourself actually living that dream. You’re doing the thing. Feeling, smelling, touching, and truly stepping into it can bring action towards living that life. If you know how good it feels to be confident, working in that dream job, or delivering a presentation with poise, for example, then you’ll do what it takes to live in that feeling.

Building Strengths

Working with a Coach will also help you better understand your strengths, as well as what truly is incredible about your life. You may feel that things are mundane yet fine, but I can guarantee you that I can help you find the beautiful, the positive, the advantageous, and the inspiring. Your Coach will maintain a positive approach in their interactions with you, including reaching into the past to explore positive memories and experiences to leverage and lean on when things get tough. If you’re done it before, you can do it again.

So, we’ve looked at ways that a Coach can help you go from mediocre to marvelous. You CAN add some excitement and make a way for yourself with the support of a Coach. But you DO have to be ready to do the work. Don’t feel bad for wanting more. You having more or living a more fulfilled life doesn’t take anything away from anyone else. By booking a free no-obligation discovery call, we can talk about your goals and see if we are a good fit to work together. I can assure you that your life will be completely transformed and you’ll be smiling a lot more.


Hi, I'm Samantha, an Inclusive Leadership Coach that is eager to support you with breaking free & living a limitless authentic life after being pushed aside in society. Think of it as solution focused Coaching with a social justice twist. Whatever you want to work on, leadership or otherwise, you'll transform your life and experience shifts you never thought possible.

As a person obsessed with leadership, I want to see an increase the number of equity seeking people - women, racialized, disabled and 2SLGBTQIA+ folks - in leadership roles. I want to create the most diverse and equitable workforce where everyone can bring their full selves to work.

Interested in assessing whether a company has inclusive practices? Download your FREE two-page Inclusive Workplace Checklist here.

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